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A simple web search of the keywords “promotional products” yields over 38 million results. That’s right, over 38 million websites through which one could have the pleasure or nightmare of navigating to procure the 'best' price. That, however, to put it nicely, is……asinine. The idea of being fiscally responsible with your own, or your company’s money, keeping within a budget, ensuring the most ‘bang for your buck’ is not asinine. That is rather responsible and respectable. The idea that you should have to, or would want to spend 3…5…15…28 hours of your valuable time doing research that we’ll do for free…is silly and unnecessary. Oh, you didn’t know we’d do it for free?

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What are Promotional Products?

Did you know 91% of people have at least one promo product in their kitchen and 74% of people have at least one promo product in their work area? That's a whole lot of people and a whole lot of STAYING POWER. In my group of friends, I can think of at least 7 of the top of my head that have custom branded pieces of Sourcing Central swag on them at any given point in time. The repeat impressions and staying power of those items is invaluable vs the minimal cost of purchasing them.

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