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What are Promotional Products?

Maria had the right idea when she sang, "let's start at the very beginning…". And while she's only a fictional character - though an iconic one at that - we're often faced with a particular question requiring us to do just that; start at the very beginning. That question, which generally proceeds the question of "oh what do you do?" is; "what are promotional products?"

Apology #1 - we're not truly going to start at the very beginning because that would require hundreds of thousands of words and time (you likely don't have) to read them, so we may have misled you, and for that we apologize. Instead, we'll start with the most basic, Googleese (what? it's a word) definition of Promotional Products;

By definition promotional products or specialty advertising are useful items imprinted with an advertiser's name, logo, message or offer.

"Oooh, so you work in trinkets and trash…" - as directly quoted from a conversation with a friend's dad. Not exactly, friend's dad, and we'll explain why in a moment.

Today, we live in a world of constant clutter and noise. Our email spam filters have never been busier sorting through the onslaught of unsolicited attempts to reach and grab our attention. Pop-up blockers are our best friends while web browsing. Every inch of a football field, basketball court, baseball stadium, etc is slathered with company names, logos and mottos. Television shows are gradually being shortened in order to accommodate more commercial airtime. To sum this all up in a matter of two words; system overload. And when one reaches the point of a system overload, what does one do? Shuts off. This is one major downside of any variety of electronic based media; it can be turned off.

Two of the most commonly asked questions when discussing marketing/advertising/promotions are;

  1. How can we secure our target demo’s attention, and
  2. How can we maintain our target demo’s attention?

Every type of marketer will provide you with a different answer, each of which suits his or her own needs (i.e. disrupting the digital/mobile experience vs disrupting the passive traditional television viewing experience). We'll just be flat out honest with you and say there's no better way than promotional products. We kid - the honest answer is that your best/most effective method of reaching and engaging with your audience depends entirely on your demographic, your product/service, and the details of your campaign. HOWEVER, we will pose one counter question; how many custom-branded items do you currently possess?

If you, your company, or my friend's dad views the promotional products you're giving out to people as trinkets and trash, you're clearly doing it wrong.

Did you know…

Did you know 91% of people have at least one promo product in their kitchen and 74% of people have at least one promo product in their work area?

That's a whole lot of people and a whole lot of STAYING POWER. In my group of friends, I can think of at least 7 of the top of my head that have custom branded pieces of Sourcing Central swag on them at any given point in time. The repeat impressions and staying power of those items is invaluable vs the minimal cost of purchasing them. The products that end up in the trash (described as 'trinkets and trash') are there because they weren't well-thought out pieces of a campaign, which brings us to a topic worthy of its own blog post; the value of a Promotional Product Agency versus a Google search.

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In our next post we'll outline the true value of using a Promotional Products Agency partner versus performing the search, yourself.

Written by: David Zeleny

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