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 “I can just find it, myself…”

Ah, yes; very common sentiments from anyone who has ever been in a position falling somewhere under the umbrella of 'project management.' Given enough time and energy, odds are there will always be another penny one can subtract from the base price, and the joy derived from such success is frighteningly similar to that of winning a contest or the lottery. For those of us who have yet to acknowledge there is an alternative to being ‘hands on’, this is our go-to method of sourcing; search, search, search, compare, compare, compare, barter, barter barter. And hours later we’ve likely saved a few bucks, but the real question is; at what cost? And, is there a better and equally as effective method?

A simple web search of the keywords “promotional products” yields over 38 million results. That’s right, over 38 million websites through which one could have the pleasure or nightmare of navigating to procure the 'best' price. That, however, to put it nicely, is……asinine. The idea of being fiscally responsible with your own, or your company’s money, keeping within a budget, ensuring the most ‘bang for your buck’ is not asinine. That is rather responsible and respectable. The idea that you should have to, or would want to spend 3…5…15…28 hours of your valuable time doing research that we’ll do for free…is silly and unnecessary.

Oh, you didn’t know we’d do it for free?

That’s not all we’ll do. Let me make this perfectly clear; this is not a sales pitch. Rather, this is an FYI, in the event you weren’t aware, of the benefits of having a go-to Promotional Products Agency partner. Keywords; ‘agency’ + ‘partner’.

It’s important to note, all Promotional Product companies are NOT created equal. Seems obvious on the surface but the true depth of why is not as apparent. Pricing and product breadth are the two most obvious differences one might encounter, but there’s one far more important factor, and that is whether the provider is simply there to take your order, or there to address your needs. This is a key difference between a Promotional Products company and an Agency. 

Any decent Promotional Products company will have an online catalogue (ourselves included). Some have even invested tens of thousands of dollars into catalogue search functionality to help you with the legwork you were already planning on doing, yourself. Now calculate the number of minutes, or hours you spend searching for, comparing and negotiating pricing for a certain product. I’ll bet it adds up to quite a high number over the course of a year. This segues into one of the most essential differences between an Agency and a seller of products. One common misconception with the word “agency” or “partner” is that it comes at a premium (i.e. added cost) and that isn’t the case in this context. While we’re more than happy to provide you with a quote or simply place your order if you’ve already done the legwork, we’d much rather work with you to ensure your needs are being met and your dollars are yielding the best possible ROI. 

We view our clients and the work we do for them as extensions of ourselves. We feel excitement and pride when contributing to a successful campaign. This is why we encourage our clients to come to us with what we call ‘the framework’, allowing us to 'paint the picture.’ What we mean by this, in the metaphorical equivalent of commissioning a painting, is that your context (i.e. timeline, budget, target demo, campaign objectives, supplementary platforms, etc) provides us with the tools (i.e. the canvas, the paints, the pencils), and our (your Agency partner’s) collective experience in marketing, events, promotions, and corporate objectives provides you with the actualized image in the form of an integrated campaign tool (i.e. custom branded products specific to your needs and goals).

Consider this...we, as Promotional Product specialists, spend all day, every day looking for products, which means... 

-we often know how to find them quickly, 

-we have received feedback as to which products work well or better than others, 

-we’re familiar with industry trends,

-we know about new, innovative, unique products the average person may not be aware of just yet,

-we’re familiar with local AND international options, and the process for importing the latter,

-we understand each decorating method and the implications of each (both good and bad)

-we know where to find similar products for less

and more…all for the low cost of absolutely nothing. There’s no markup for this. It’s just what we do.


And…the most important point of all: the more we get to know you, the better we’re able to service you because we can better understand your specific needs and preferences. It is for this reason we encourage you to relinquish some degree of control and find your Promotional Products Agency partner, with whom you can establish a long-lasting relationship because it won’t cost you anything more, but it will certainly save you a LOT of time and aggravation!

Written By: David Zeleny w/Rob Samulewitsch

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